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professional carpet cleaning services

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At Greenwave Cleaning, we take pride in being your trusted choice for professional carpet cleaning in Adelaide. Our team comprises professionally trained carpet cleaners Adelaide who provide top-tier services tailored to your needs. We specialise in encapsulation carpet cleaning, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness for your carpets and spaces.

Fresh-smelling, clean carpets are welcoming and play a vital role in a healthy home or office. While providing comfort carpets takes a lot of wear and tear over time. Due to foot traffic, carpets can accumulate a significant amount of dirt, soil, dust mites, and animal dander, spreading infections and allergies. So, getting the carpet cleaned at least every year is crucial to maintaining good health and hygiene.

Carpets are one of the most crucial assets in your home or workplace, so you must take proper care of them. Green Wave Cleaning does an excellent job with dry or steam cleaning carpets for Adelaide residents and businesses. We are professionals in stain removal treatments such as Pet Urine stains, Red Wine Stains, Coffee spills, Oil and Grease.

You are on the right page if you are looking for a top-class carpet cleaning service for your office, commercial space, or end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

professional carpet cleaning services
Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning
Rug Cleaning Adelaide
Rug Cleaning
End of lease carpet Cleaning
End of lease carpet Cleaning
professional carpet cleaning services
Carpet Steam Cleaning
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Upholstery Cleaning
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Deep Cleaning
professional carpet cleaning services
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Stain Removal
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Leather cleaning

Why Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Steam is one of the best ways to sanitise and bring out brightness when cleaning soft carpet fibres, fabrics, and surfaces rather than dry carpet cleaning. Not only are you left with a charming, refreshing fragrance after the cleaning, but you also get super clean surfaces thanks to our heat treatment. However, encapsulation or encap cleaning service is more effective for your carpets, title and grout.

Advanced Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning: Setting a New Standard and Redefining Cleanliness


Utilising state-of-the-art encapsulation carpet cleaning, we ensure your carpets receive the highest standard of care. This innovative method doesn't just clean the surface but also removes embedded dirt, grime, and most stains from the deepest layers of your carpets. Whether you have dirty carpets, heavily soiled ones, or persistent carpet stains, our advanced cleaning solutions guarantee a thorough and revitalising cleaning process. Experience a new level of cleanliness with our advanced encapsulation carpet cleaning method. 

Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning Instead Traditional Steam Cleaning process

Encapsulation carpet cleaning is a relatively new technology that is effective and efficient for the following reasons.

  • The encapsulation cleaning uses less water, making it much more environmentally friendly.

  • It takes less time to clean carpets with the encapsulation method than with traditional steam carpet cleaning.

  • When using the encapsulation cleaning method, the soil resistance of the carpet is much better.

  • Encapsulation carpet cleaning lowers wear and tear on commercially glued-down carpets.

  • Detergents can be easily removed by the encapsulation method.

  • The encapsulation carpet cleaning is also more cost effective than traditional steam cleaning.

carpet cleaning adelaide
A newly-cleaned carpet not only is welcoming and pleasing, but it also has many possible health benefits. Rug and carpet fibres can easily entrap airborne particles that irritate the lungs and evolve into a breeding ground for dust mites, pet dander and mould spores. Even though regular vacuuming may help to remove some of these allergens, it's not enough to eradicate them all. A clean carpet can enhance indoor air quality and help to protect you, your family, your employees, contractors and visitors from respiratory problems such as asthma.

Carpet Cleaning Process and Methods

We offer both carpet cleaning systems, such as steam carpet cleaning and carpet dry cleaning.

We have a few techniques and methods, but our most popular is the steam carpet cleaning Adelaide.

The procedure for our carpet cleaning:

Firstly, we pre-vacuum all carpets to remove any soil, dirt and dust; Our commercial high filtration vacuum cleaner helps the carpet cleaner to extract the debris.

Then we pre-spray the carpet to remove the stains; This will aid in dissolving any debris, grease, or dirt on the carpet pile.

Then use our powerful encapsulation machine and deep clean carpets. With the essential specialist shampoos and deodorisers, we clean the entire surface at up to 120 Degrees removing all smells and bacteria.

We use eco-friendly products in our cleaning methods, giving the ultimate cleaning power to our cleaning process and the feel of a brand new carpet again.

Finally, we would use a powerful spot treatment for any remaining stubborn stains without leaving any detergent residue and letting the carpets dry thoroughly.

Most carpet cleaning companies do a clumsy job and leave excessive water where mould and bacteria can grow in carpet rugs and grip pads (underlay) just a few hours after steam carpet cleaning. This can not only damage your carpet but encourage microbes that can result in allergy issues and other health concerns.

We also offer a dry-cleaning service for the more fragile and delicate carpets apart from the hot water extraction method.

cleaning services
cleaning services
cleaning services
carpet cleaners adelaide
Best Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
A unique solution is used on the carpet and mixed with our powerful commercial machine to loosen the soil, dirt and debris for effective vacuuming. Rugs and carpet dry cleaning are usually used where water is not readily available or for delicate carpets.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services in Adelaide and Beyond

Greenwave Cleaning isn't just about the carpet cleaners Adelaide, but also offer a range of cleaning solutions to cater to your needs:

  • Adelaide Regular Carpet Cleaning: Maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your carpets with our scheduled services.

  • Adelaide Office Cleaning in Adelaide Suburbs: Tailored to suit businesses, ensuring clean and hygienic workspaces. Office carpet cleaning involves the specialised maintenance and deep cleaning of carpets within office spaces. This service focuses on removing dirt, stains, and accumulated debris, enhancing the overall cleanliness and professional appearance of the office environment. Professional cleaning methods ensure a fresh and sanitised workspace, promoting a healthier atmosphere and prolonging the lifespan of the carpets.

  • Adelaide Commercial Cleaning: Serving various industries with specialised cleaning services.

  • Adelaide Tile and Grout Cleaning: We go beyond carpets to remove dirt and grime from your tile surfaces. Say goodbye to dirt and grime on your tiles with our specialised cleaning solutions and professional window cleaning services to enhance the overall cleanliness of your space.


Are you looking to get your carpets cleaned with a great value added?

Why choose our professional carpet cleaning services in South Australia

Greenwave provides quick, professional and affordable carpet cleaning services to officers, businesses and commercial places in the Adelaide area, such as Victor Harbour, Barossa valley, Para Hills, Murray Bridge, Mount Barker and surrounding suburbs.

Our carpet cleaning team is well trained in Australian standards by adopting the most delinquent carpet steam cleaning technique that is eco-friendly and safe for children and pets.

Whether you want to bring back the freshness in your carpets or have all-around cleaning assistance, nothing is too much trouble, and we deliver hassle-free and first-class results in every clean.

grout cleaning
grout cleaning
grout cleaning
professional carpet cleaning services

We are a trusted local team for carpet cleaning Adelaide with countless number of happy customers.

Best carpet cleaners in Adelaide

We are a team of friendly carpet cleaners in Adelaide. Steam clean experts

Eco-friendly Cleaning products

We use dust-bursting, non-toxic, eco-friendly formulas for upholstery cleaning and carpets. Our procedures and detergents are suitable for all types of carpet fibres delivering a fantastic result.

Excellent eye for detail

From ground-in dirt and most challenging stains to unpleasant odours, our carpet cleaning in the Adelaide area can convert the appearance and lengthen the longevity of the carpets while eliminating any aggravating contaminants tangled within the more in-depth layers. Greenwave offers a vast range of treatment options that we can transform your property, rug or carpet to its best condition.

Competitive Prices

Many businesses are hesitant to hire professional carpet cleaning companies as they can be too costly to afford. We guarantee you will change this perspective when you contact us for a free quotation. We offer office, end-of-lease and commercial carpet cleaning at a very affordable price that will easily fit into your tight budget.

Our Commitment to Quality and Expertise

We understand the value of clean, fresh carpets and spaces. That's why our expert technicians are equipped with the latest and best equipment and tools to ensure optimal results. Our team is committed to delivering the finest cleaning services to meet and exceed your expectations.

Your Trusted Cleaning Partner

For professional carpet cleaning in Adelaide and comprehensive cleaning services that cover everything from stubborn stains to heavily soiled carpets, Greenwave Cleaning Service is your reliable partner. We're dedicated to transforming your spaces and ensuring they're clean and healthier for you and your family or employees.

We take pride in keeping carpets clean and Adelaide residents extremely happy. Our dedicated team ensures a fantastic job, providing exceptional cleaning services that leave your spaces refreshed and inviting

Free personalised quotes

One of our carpet cleaners will inspect your carpets for property size, soling, stains, and structure. From this survey, our carpet cleaner will give you the most accurate free quote and decide on the best method to provide a thorough carpet cleaning.

Other wide-ranging carpet cleaning Adelaide

Tile and grout cleaning Adelaide

This is another area on a property that accumulates dirt and grime. Our steam carpet cleaners cut deep into the dirt to bring shine to your tiles.

Many porous surfaces include laminate, porcelain, unglazed tile, grout, and polymers. Steam cleaning can infiltrate those pores and reach the embedded grime and bacteria without the toxic impacts associated with chemicals. The most excellent deep steam cleaning procedures are used here at Greenwave.

carpet cleaning inculde for end of leasing

End of lease carpet cleaning in adelaide

Carpet cleaning when moving out can be even more stressful, and nobody likes the extra stress of high carpet cleaning costs added to the end-of-lease cleaning. When you move out, we'll ensure your pristine carpets and property.

carpet cleaning with shampoo

If you are looking for professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide to get your rugs, upholstery and carpets cleaned correctly and on time, look no further than Greenwave Cleaning Services.

Depending on your property and exact requirements, we will provide you with a better and more personalised quote.

Thanks to our dedicated carpet cleaners, your carpets will burst with freshness and cleanliness.

Get in touch today to find out more about our carpet cleaning in Adelaide.

Client Testimonials

Extremely Happy That We Hired A Professional Carpet Cleaning Team Like Greenwave, As They Didn't Just Leave A Wet Carpet Behind, But The Carpets Looked Almost New
Greenwave Is One Of The Best And Most Reliable Cleaning Services In Adelaide. They Arrived On Time And Did An Amazing Job With Our Carpets, Upholstery And Leather Furniture.
Charith And The Team Did A Fantastic Job Cleaning My Rugs And Leather Furniture After A Messy Party. I Recommend Them For Any Adelaide Business, Not Just For Adelaide Residents

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